I was disappointed in my ability to reach young people and contemplating quitting the field until I heard Michael speak. This experience not only gave me strategies but also gave me hope.


Summer (Social Worker)

Denver, CO

Michael is an innovator who’s in tune with teens today.  His presentations are not only informative but engaging and entertaining as well.  I’ve attended a number of Michael’s events, and I’ve learned something new every time…he is the trainer’s trainer!


Jamole (Trainer/Speaker)

Columbus, OH

Mr. Michael gives out gifts to make sure you remember the point.  I saw him rip up a $100 bill and give it to another youth to prove no matter how much you’ve been through, you’re still worth a lot…I’ll never forget that!!!


Jose’ (Youth)

Puerto Rico

Michael is the Jay Z of youth services, he keeps you on the edge of your seat.  He knows how to relate to teens and helps us to understand them better.


Stephen (Foster Parent)

New York City, NY

My first time experiencing Michael was when he offered a training on gangs.  He had us choose colors and logos for our group, then write our team name on the wall.  He then gave us all bandanas based on our colors.  For the first time, I “felt” what kids must feel like to belong to a gang.  I’ve been attending his presentations ever since.​​​


Sean (Probation Officer)

Cleveland, OH

He played music and gave gifts to engage us to make sure we understood.  With all the dancing and fun, I forgot I was also learning.​​​


Brandy (Youth)

Los Angeles, CA

The first time I saw Michael speak was in Orlando, FL. I was so inspired that I asked him to be my mentor and he’s been inspiring me ever since.


Adrian (Youth

Baltimore, MD

I spent all of my adolescence in foster care and I felt no one understood me until I heard Michael speak.  For the first time, I felt heard and decided right then, I wanted to be like him. People think its funny that I had a man as a role model, but he interacted with people the way I wanted to.  Today, he is one of my mentors and offers help on my #FosterCare campaign.

Kevinee (foster care alumni)

Cleveland, OH

Michael Sanders is awesome!  I was at a crossroads as a mother with two adopted sons, including one that was in the foster care system for 16 years.  After hearing Michael speak, I felt inspired to tell my sons that I believed in them and that I would never give up on them no matter what.  I believe that those simple words (that I now live by) changed my life and the paths that each of my sons decided to take.  They are both productive young men that believe in themselves because they know that I believe in them…thank you Michael!

Pamela (adoptive mom)

Louisville, KY

Michael is a dynamic and charismatic consultant who not only challenged us to think “outside the box” but supported us in implementing those unique ideas.  We are so excited about our current recruitment campaign he helped us to develop.


Sha’Londa (Recruitment Supervisor)

Las Vegas, NV

You know him as the Edutainer and/or the Teen Whisperer, I know him simply as daddy. I know first hand how he feels about teens. He was always the “coolest” dad when I was in high school & college, and all of my friends called him dad. I’ve had to share my father with teens across the country my entire life and I wouldn’t have it any other way because this what he was born to do. Seeing him impact the lives of teens inspired me to find and pursue my passion. Thanks, daddy!!!

Micaiah (daughter)

Atlanta, GA

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